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Weird apps that will surprise you with what you do!

 Weird apps that will surprise you with what you do! 
 From Uber to Gmail and Google Maps, there are plenty of useful apps that make life so much easier. There are also addictive games like Candy Crush and PUBG for when you want to pass some time. 

 Additionally, there are apps that make you ask one question: “Why?” Why would someone develop such strange applications that are of no real use! 

 In this article, we review 8 of the strangest applications that provide services - if they do anything - out of the ordinary for users!

Weird applications that offer services and tasks that you have not heard of 

 before!These crazy apps are developed so that people can have some fun alone or with their friends and create memories to laugh at for years to come. Most of these apps are free to download, which makes them even more attractive!


Weird apps that will surprise you with what you do!

 The developer of this app is simple so they have applied the same ideology to the digital life where you need to spend some clutter-free time with your phone.

 So, the "Nothing" app actually does, NOTHING! This alone earns it a spot at the top of the list when searching for “the weirdest apps for phones” 

 Once you open it, a blank screen will appear on your phone that will keep all your notifications away so you can clear your mind.

 However, there is a secret code that you can enter to make it do something. 

 If you don't just want to stare at a blank screen and need something else to distract you from your online life, especially social media, then you need to enter your Konami code in this app. 


Weird apps that will surprise you with what you do!

 Interestingly, the abbreviation of the name stands for “Send Me to Heaven” or send me to Heaven! Basically, this app is a game where the player throws his phone as high as possible. 

 The higher the distance the phone climbs, the more points the player gets. You can compete to be placed in the Top 10 Global, Top 10 Weekly, Top 10 Days, and Best Locally as well. 

 Certainly strange applications involved in strange laws as well! You cannot spin the phone with air, otherwise the result will not be withdrawn. 

 The app also asks you to make sure there is an open space to throw the phone in the air! 


 One of the strangest applications available for iPhone, so that it does nothing but count cash up to a million dollars! In case you want to experience the rush that rich people feel when counting their money! 

 You can also play hip-hop songs in the background and count the money as rappers do in their songs to see what it feels like to be a famous rapper!

4-I am Bread

Weird apps that will surprise you with what you do!

 Most of the strange applications come with more unusual names, but this application is definitely the strangest among them! In this app, you are the bread, and you need to complete the 8 levels to become a toaster! 

 During the game stages, you will wander into the kitchen, venture into the garden and other parts of the house to complete the game. 

5-fake chat app 

Weird apps that will surprise you with what you do!

 Fake Chat Conversion is without a doubt one of the most unusual apps out there. With it, you can create a fake profile and have fake conversations that look real! 

 The app allows you to make fake voice messages and calls, and it also supports emojis. 

 The app serves you two purposes: the first is definitely to “prank” your friends, and the second you can use the app to look busy if you want to avoid a conversation or someone. 

6-Is It Dark Outside ?

Weird apps that will surprise you with what you do!

 This app helps people become lazier. In the event that you are in your bed for hours on end playing video games and do not know if it is dark yet or if it is still day, just ask the app and it will answer you if it is dark or not!

 One thing these weird apps do is make people more dependent on technology; However, trying it out for fun won't do any harm.

 The app relies on your location data, connects to weather software, and then tells you when the sun sets and rises.

7-Game for Cats

Weird apps that will surprise you with what you do!

 This app comes in the list of weird apps, created for your feline friends and not for you. The game contains different sub-games such as mouse chase, pointer chase and butterfly hunt. 

 What makes it so good and fun are the unexpected movements of things that will keep your cats busy for hours. What will allow you to get things done peacefully. 


Weird apps that will surprise you with what you do!

 Perhaps not strange but definitely among the uncommon apps that will actually shock you. Why? Because you get rewards just to entertain yourself! You can watch shows and movies on networks like Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu to earn Perk Points. 

 You can then exchange these points for rewards in real life. The developer behind Viggle is Perk, which is a mobile reward platform. 

 You can join the platform for free, and get valuable gifts such as laptops, headphones, and tablets. 

 Watch your favorite shows on it, earn Perk Points, and then exchange them for actual rewards like Walmart, PayPal, and Amazon gift cards. 

 You can also use the points to donate to more than 1,000 charities.