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Playstation Pac-Man World Game In A New Look


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Pac-Man World in the new version called Pac-man world RE-PAC

1- Pack-Man world RE-PAC

 A PlayStation video game developed by Namco and Full Fat and published by Namco Zoo Digital Publishing on October 12, 1999, in North America, September 12, 1999, in Japan, February 28, 1999, in Europe, and July 8, 2000, in Australia. A yellow called Pac-Man eats yellow luminous balls, so he is afraid of ghosts and can eat them. 

2- how to play Pac-Man world Re-Pac

2-1 The story 

 The story begins before several kidnappings of the Pac-Man family by the evil leader. He kidnaps his younger sister, grandfather, brother, and mother after they were preparing for the Pac-Man party. The latter comes home and sees the house turned upside down, screaming and deciding to free his family from the evil agents.

2-2 how to play Re-Pac

 There are 5 levels, each level has 4 stages, and each level that Pac-Man achieves frees one of his family until he reaches the leader of evil and defeats him.

3- the new addition to the game Pac-Man world Re-Pac

 The new release, which will be called Pac-Man World Re-Pac, is being billed by Bandai Namco as “a modernized classic” and will be released on August 26 on consoles and PC.

 and According to information spotted on Amazon, the new version will be “packed with smoother intuitive gameplay, updated visuals and a wider view of the action”.

 Players will also be able to play through the main adventure in Quest Mode or take on a collection of 3D mazes in Maze Mode.
By completing Quest Mode, players will unlock the original Pac-Man game.

 Whereas the original Pac-Man was a simple maze game, Pac-Man World is more of a 3D platformer in which Pac-Man is able to attack enemies with a butt-bounce move or roll into a ball to go off-ramps.